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North County Senior Softball


Gaspar's Michael Maltinsky shows up at Calavera this morning and wonders why there is no game...

"It's 9:15am. The lights are on but nobody's home !!"

Picture from Mike.



Standings are posted after all scores have been received

Thursday, February 21

Village Pie Shop vs Nucci's

    Rained Out!
Pizza Port vs Gaspar 

    Rained Out!

Solana Spa vs Cultura

    Rained Out!
Plotkin Group vs Draft

   Rained Out!

Carlsbad Inn / That Pizza Place - bye

Week 7

Team Purple - Bob Blachford is now in recovery.  Surgery went exceptionally well.  It was probably all the purple that Bob wore.  There is magic in those purple sox!!

Picture and writeup by TBone.

Tuesday, February 19

Nucci's 16   Gaspar 6

​    Dave Ash and Mike Maltinsky both hit home runs in the first inning to tie the game 2-2. Nucci's took the lead scoring five runs in the 3rd and 4th inning to take the lead 12-3. Dave Koch, Dave Ash, Dave Bosque, Don Schempp (The four "D's" all hit in the 6th to bring in three runs. Rick Barton had an outstanding defense game and hit a HR in the 7th. Gaspar scored two runs in the ninth but couldn’t catch up with Nucci's. Leigh Peterson made his debut at 3rd base and did a fine job. Dave Koch 5/5 Dave Ash, Don Schempp and Ken McGehee were 4/4. 

Village Pie Shop 16   Carlsbad Inn 15 

     Another thriller today at Pine Field.  Village Pie was very shorthanded and had to play 4 outfielders and borrow a catcher. But they jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first with Kevin McBarron (5/5) hitting a triple and Steve Bartholomew adding a HR. VPS increased the lead to 10-2 in the second as Jeff Gorman (5/5) continued his hot hitting with some big RBIs.  CBI got a pair of HRs from Dave Grull and a 4/4 day from Dennis Rayford.  Rayford and David Blakely also shut down the middle of the infield with fine defensive play to keep it close.  But with Pablo Shook floating strikes into the stiff breeze and Sheree Atkinson making 6 putouts at 2nd it looked like the VPS 15-6 lead in the 8th would hold up.  Then CBI came charging back.  In what seemed like 30 straight clean singles in the 8th inning, Jim Biksacky’s big 2 run single tied the game.  Then with CBI batting in the 9th inning and bases loaded and one out, Kevin Armentano caught a line drive and fired a wicked, skipping throw to the plate.  Dave Grull filling in at catcher speared the tough throw for the for inning ending double play.  McBarron led off the bottom of the 9th with a HR to hit for the cycle and give VPS the win.  Thanks to Gene Foreman who filled in for VPS with flawless play at SS and Jim Giovanazo for umpiring. 

Pizza Port 16    Draft 13 
    Pizza Port opened up the game with 4 runs and was never led. The Draft kept close behind, and had the tying runs on base in the ninth. With manager Eddie Gillette doing his best rain dance, for much of the season, until Pizza Port could get some help player wise and cover key vacations, looked like PP was going to field a complete team for the first time. Not so fast, a last minute email from a key player, quashed that hope. Fortunately, PP was able to pick up Scott Koopsen who reached base 5 times including a towering home run and a ball off Jon's Quinns hand, that left a "big purple thumb". Pretty sure Steve Berry issued him a couple of intentional/unintentional walks. Steve's no dummy. Jack Scwartzel was seen with some steel wool in his hand. When ask about it, he said "just trying to get the rust off". And did he ever, 4 base hits and a couple of nifty catches. Wally Wallace threw out 3 runners on the bases. Rich Reynolds threw a ball so hard on a marvelous play behind second, even Nolan Ryan would of envied. The Draft kept trying to hit the ball UNDER Michiko Rubios glove. Hey guys, she's 4 ft something, try over her head, as she made many defensive plays. Talk about defense, Bob Fell playing first base, made some unbelievable plays, just like he's played there his whole life!! For the Draft, the hitting stars were Rony Lewis, Bob Krespy, Bill Kutzner and Greg Lorton, with Lewis and Krespy hitting HRs. Ken Regnier made a nice running catch. Michiko and Evie were heard asking, when are they going to put out those "cones", as each had 2 base hits taken away, by those "mean nasty guys". Thanks to Rick Shaw, for umpiring. 

That Pizza Place 24   Solana Spa 23 
   Defense took the day off at Alga 2 today. See the ball; field the ball; catch the ball; throw the ball--neither team seemed to get the message. Helped by Miss Play, Solana jumped to a 5 run lead in the top of the 1st, but TPP came back with 5 of their own in the bottom of the 1st also assisted by the ever present Miss. Led by 4 hits each from Gene LaChimia, Jack London, Mike Weinrich, and Donna Lorek, and home runs from Steve Newberg, Gene, Mike, and Barry Anderson, TPP kept the lead until the 8th, when Solana scored 5 to lead 18-15. TPP scored 4 in the bottom of the 8th, but Solana scored 5 in the top of the 9th to build a 23-19 lead. In the bottom of the 9th, Gene's homer and 3 walks loaded the bases for Barry with only 1 out who, with the help of the ubiquitous Miss, drove in the winning run. For Solana, Bob Blachford was 5 for 5, and T-Bone, Dan Miserany, Chuck Dodd and Pete Peneseyres all went 4 for 5, but Solana's comeback was highlighted by triples from Steve Sexton and Joe Raffa. Thanks to Bob Baptista for excellent umpiring.

Cultura / Plotkin Group –  bye ​​