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North County Senior Softball


Week 12

Thursday March 28

Pizza Port 18  The Draft 17

It was opening day for MLB, and it could not have been better weather for North County Senior Softball. The Draft and Pizza Port played a "doosie". Back and forth the entire game. Going to the top of the ninth, Draft leading by one run. 2 outs runners at first and second and the ever dangerous Rony Lewis coming to the plate, who was 4 - 4, previously. It was suggested he should be walked. Rolling the dice and pitching to him, resulted in a hot smash to short, to retire the side. Bottom of ninth, with the tying run on 3rd and the winning run on 1st and two outs, Rich "Big Kat" Keefer, hit a solid ball but looked as it was going to be caught. Fortunately for PP, Alphonse playing left and Gaston playing left center couldn’t get to the and it bounced between them, and the winning run scored from 1st. WHEW!! PP offense was led by Wally Wallace, Mark Forster, Evie Schwartz and Rich Reynolds with four hits. Adding Home Runs were, Skip Moyer, Rich Keefer and Forster. The draft offense was led by, Rony Lewis, Scott Tatum and Steve Berry. Thanks to Randy Benge for filling in, for an injured Mark Tanner. Randy was having a perfect day, until the manager from PP said, "Randy you're having a perfect day". Sorry Randy:-)  

Nucci’s 18  Gaspar 12

In a very fun competitive game today both teams made some good defensive plays.  Gaspar started off scoring five runs in the first inning with a home run over the fence from Mike Maltinsky who was 4/4 with two home runs.  Gary Soper of Gaspar caught some line drives at third base and with his rocket arm made plays to first base.  Nucci's, Dave Koch lead off with a single and Dave Ash hit one over the fence.  Someone is still looking for the home runs balls. Great team effort from all of Nucci's players.  Murray Levy was 3/4, Dave Koch 4/4, Dave Ash 4/4 with one home run and Rick Barton was 4/4 with two triples.  Many thanks to subs Oscar Castillo and Larry Jaime for helping out.  For Gaspar, Max Isbell hit 3/4 and Ernie Martinez was 3/4

Village Pie Shop 22 Carlsbad Inn 8

The game started out looking like a slugfest.  Both VPS and CBI scored 5 runs each without an out to open the game. In the second inning VPS loaded the bases with no outs.  Dennis Rayford then leapt over an inch into the sky to nab a hot liner, landed daintily and then fired to newcomer third baseman Tom Bandy to get the runner out for a double play. (Welcome to the league Tom, someone tell him we do write-ups for games).   A groundout later and VPS was clinging to a 6-5 lead after two. Then the Piester’s could hear subbing Randy Benge yelling up from the lower field-THE BUG ON THE WINDSHIELD IS ON ALGA 2.  From there on it was all VPS.  Cultura Sub John Quigley rallied from his manager’s yell to go 4 for 4 with a HR (almost 2 HR except for 5 run rule) and made some nice defensive plays to help push the lead to 20-6 in the 6th.  Vern Blough luckily only got up 3 times because he was unstoppable for CBI but they never got closer than the final score.  For VPS Jeff Gorman, Kevin Armentano, and Kevin McBarron all went 4/4, Jim Giovanazo had a HR and McBarron added a HR and a fine running catch to take away an extra base hit.  And as always there was another first today as VPS flipped the game and won…in the 7th inning. Why in the 7th you say? Cause we are seniors of course and can’t remember how many innings we played!  Thanks to Bob Bautista for umping and not keeping track of the innings.

Solana Spa 20 That Pizza Place 10

Solana Spa turned the phrase “In like a lion , out like a lamb” on its head as it roared to a 20-10 victory over That Pizza Place. The Spa was led by a trio of hitters who each went 4/4; Bob Blachford, David Ward and Dan Griffin. The game, however, was all about defense and pitching on both sides. For the Spa, Pete Penseyres played a sparkling 2B, snagging a number of hot shots as well as contributing 3 hits and Hugh O’Neil kept TPP batters off balance with an assortment of sliders, fast balls and spitters. For TPP, pitcher Pete Zavala, coerced a number of infield popups that were just out of the reach of his infielders and fell for what can best be described as cheap infield hits. Sometimes you just gotta be lucky than good. The win for the Spa broke an O for March losing streak.

Plotkin Group and Cultura - BYE


Tuesday March 26

Nucci's  14  Solana Spa 12

Nucci's started off scoring five runs in the first inning and held Solana Spa to no runs.  As the game continued both teams had multiple hits.  David Ward of Solana Spa was 3/3 with one home run and T-Bone was 3/4 .
Nucci;s Rick Barton had an awesome day in the field catching multiple fly balls and hitting one home run. Margo Jacobo had the fans cheering for her outstanding catch in right field.  You go GIRL!

At the top of the ninth Nucci;s scored one run but could have scored more if it wasn't for Pete Penseyres of Solana Spa snagging Tom Winterbourne's hit up  the middle.  Solana Spa answered back in the bottom of the ninth scoring three runs but couldn't quite catch up.

 Cultura 15  That Pizza Place 12

Cultura and That Pizza Place met today in the early game of the doubleheader at Alga 2. CUL had a great start, scoring five runs with no outs in the first. But TPP came right back to tie the game with five in the bottom of the inning and then took the lead 6-5 in third
. CUL scored three runs in the fourth to take the lead, which it held the rest of the way, outlasting TPP to win 15-12. However, the win wasn’t secured until CUL staged a two-out rally, scoring four runs in the top of the ninth on a two-run double by Andy Steensma and a two-run homer by Bob Porter. Andy Steensma led all CUL hitters, going 4 for 4. Bob Porter went 3 for 4 with two home runs and 5 RBIs. Randy Benge went 3 for 4, Gary McBride went 3 for 4 with a home run and Brian Turner went 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs. Bob Baptista’s pitching in the middle of the game was key to the win, as he held TPP to just two runs from the second through the seventh inning. Our thanks to Al Cabacungan for another fine job of umpiring.

Carlsbad Inn 22 Plotkin Group 9

Last game CBI was likened to a bug smashed on a windshield.  I won't say who published that libelous yellow journalism 'cause Randy Benge wishes to remain anonymous.  Well, said hapless insect arose from the dead and put the hammer down on the Plotkins.  That unfortunate team was leaking oil today like a used Daewoo.  Okay, they were missing four key players, but still rent-a-star Mike Maltinsky was added to their roster.  He was 4/4 in the game, but since he didn't hit any out, Janet Wood has applied for a refund.  Carlsbad Inn had a better day at the plate with perfect stats from Bob Blakely, Jim Biksacky, Joe Gomez and Vern Blough.  Vern hit a home run but the fifth run scored ahead of him so he didn't get to fall into the arms of his admiring teammates at home plate.  Finally, our whole team wishes to acknowledge the quality play and contributions of Donna Engleman, Michiko Lischin, Steve Makoff and Joe Itson.  They may not get as much press, but without them we wouldn't be us.

 Village Pie Shop 21 Pizza Port 15

It was a game of attrition out at Alga today.  Both teams started out shorthanded borrowing first baseman and it got worse immediately.  VPS sub Scott Tatum took a shot to the eye in the first inning and had to leave the game. Later Mark Tanner suffered a leg injury and had to leave the game also.  We send them both warm wishes and hope they are recovering. The stands had an All-Star Injured Reserve Team feel with Tatum, Tanner, Steve Bartholomew, Michiko Rubio, Tony Sando, Bill Swink, Gordon Cress, and Lucky Bishop all watching on.  Then there was the sight of Jesse Jackson colliding with Pablo Shook at first with both hitting the deck hard and Wally Wallace suddenly dropping prone from chasing a butterfly in RCF and you get the drift of how this game went.  As for the action, Pizza Port had a 6-4 lead after 4 with the relentless hitting from Rich Reynolds who went 6/6 and Rich Keefer who pitched and fielded a solid game and added 4 hits.  VPS came back to take a 10-8 lead with Kevin McBarron hitting 5 straight doubles and Kevin Armentano going 4/4 with a sac fly and 6 RBIs.  Bill Laird and Skip Moyer carried Pizza Port back, each getting on base 4 straight times to get within 16-13.  But a huge catch and HR by Joe Maher and a couple nice double plays kept VPS in the lead.  We also witnessed a first when a batter swung and missed, and fill-in catcher Wally Wallace spun and threw a strike to first to pick off his own teammate who had inched off first base.  Jim Giovanazo, Jeff Gorman, and Harry Peacock all had 3/4 or 4/5 days to help the Piesters crack the 20 run mark.  Thanks to Bob Porter and Randy Benge for umpiring a very eventful game with strange plays and close calls that they handled to perfection (well except for that one at first Bob!)


The Draft and Gaspar - Byes