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Tuesday, March 19

The Draft 19, Gaspar 12

On an overcast cool day that finally broke into sunshine late in the game, The Draft managed to produce a (mostly) solid defense against a potent Gaspar lineup.  The Draft scored in each of the first seven innings before being shut out in the eighth.  Gaspar only scored in two of the nine innings but, managed to produce some fireworks during those two innings.  They scored four in the top of the second to take a 4-1 lead.  By the time the seventh inning rolled around, Gaspar was trailing 18-4.  But the first eight batters all got hits and subsequently scored before The Draft could cap what seemed to be a broken fire hydrant.  The Draft scored once more in the bottom of the seventh, and the final two scoreless innings preserved a Draft victory that felt closer than the final score would indicate.  Gaspar was reticent about providing individual highlights, although they played solidly throughout the lineup and Mike Maltinsky did his normal damage both defensively and offensively, albeit without a home run.  For The Draft, Robert Kresky was five for five (four doubles and a triple), and Ken Regnier was four for four.  Scott Tatum hit a home run while going four for five.  Thanks to Skip Moyer for umpiring.

Nucci's  29  Plotkin Group 17
Nucci's first five batters got hits and so did PG batters and the scored was tied 4-4.  Neither team scored in the second but both teams scored five in the 3rd to tie the game again 9-9.  Nucci's had some amazing hits from Dave Koch 5/5, Don Schempp 5/5 Tom Winterbourne 5/5 Leigh Peterson 4/5 and an ALL STAR game for Dave Ash hitting 5/5 with 4 home runs over the fence at Calavera.  Dave Bosque  made an outstanding back hand catch to get one of PG players out. Neil Cohen had numerous hits to advance Nucci's players in various innings.  Close game in the 8th with  Nucci's leading 22-17.  At top of the 9th seven players got hits giving Nucci's 7 more  runs and held PG to zero runs at the bottom to take the win.  For PG, Marty Fenlon was 4/4 and Dave Franz 4/4 with a home run.  Thanks to Eddie Gillette and Gene LaChimia for umpiring.

Village Pie Shop 26  Solana Spa 18            

It was a marathon game today at Alga 3 with Ump Jack Schwarzel threatening to call the game due to darkness.  Both teams scored in nearly every inning with VPS inching ahead.  Al Cabacungan 5/6 and Sheree Atkinson 4/5 helped VPS jump out to 5-3 and 17-10 leads.  For Solana Joe Paul’s 4/4 and Chuck Dodd’s 4/5 kept Solana in striking distance.  Several defensive plays highlighted the game.  Solana diffused a big VPS rally in the 2nd with a scintillating triple play, Dan Griffin to Steve Sexton to Chuck Dodd at first to catch the speedy Pablo Shook. (before the pitch Shook pointed his bat at Griffin and “called” the triple play in honor of teammate Steve Bartholomew who was in the hospital recovering from open heart, triple bypass surgery yesterday).  VPS returned favor with 5 outfield putouts, throwing out runners twice at 1st and 3rd and once at home to avoid some big innings.  After a Dan Miserany HR, Solana had clawed back into the game at 18-15.  But VPS closed the game out with HRs from super sub Mike Weinreich, Kevin Armentano , a HR from Jeff Gorman who also went 5/6 and Kevin McBarron who went 5/6 and hit for the cycle

Cultura 23      Carlsbad Inn 8

Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug. We have all been there.Fresh off being the bug, Cultura tried the windshield role. Cultura started fast and the Inn never really got it going. Cultura scored 5 in each of the first 3 innings to take a 15-1 lead. They stretched the lead out to 23-2 after 7. Having big days for Cultura, Randy Benge 4-4 and a home run. Gary McBride 4-4 and a home run. Gary Linder, Gene Foreman and Donato Domaquin all were 4-4. Brian Turner added a home run. Donato had a good day on defense at second base. For Carlsbad Inn, Vern Blough was 4-4. Thanks to Mark Tanner for calling balls and strikes.


Week 11

Thursday March 21

Gaspar 28   Plotkin Group 15

Between the rains, home team Gaspar played Plotkin Group today. Lots of hits, lots of runs. For Plotkin Group Oscar Castillo, Marty Fenlon, and Dave Frantz went 4 for 5 and Paul Muszalski went 4 for 4. For Gaspar multiple players went 5 for 5: Dave Surh, Max Isbell (HR), Jimmie Martin, and Mike Maltinsky (3 Inside the parkers). Russ Roopenian went 4 for 5 and several other players had multiple hits. Gaspar stayed offensive throughout and managed to hold off long rallies by feisty Plotkin Group.  Thank you to Roney Lewis for umping most of the game and Bill Swink for umping the 9th.

Cultura 21  Pizza Port 19

Cultura and Pizza Port Brewery played an extremely close game today at Pine.   Both teams started off strong, scoring five runs in the first. PPB briefly took the lead at 11-10 in the third, but CUL tied the game in fourth and regained the lead for good in the fifth. CUL hitters had a great day, with all 15 players having at least one hit. Gary McBride led the way, going 4 for 4 with 6 RBIs. Randy Benge, Gene Foreman and John Quigley were also 4 for 4, with John knocking two triples. Bob Baptista went 3 for 3 with a sacrifice fly and 4 RBIs, and Mike Martelli and Gary Linder both went 3 for 4. CUL also played some strong defense today to keep the game close. John Quigley and Randy Benge snagged some stinging line drives, Bob Porter made a long throw from left center to catcher Steve Wagner to save two runs from scoring, and Brian Turner made a great running catch in left field to end the game with the tying runners on base. PPB was very shorthanded today, fielding only nine players, but the players who were there hit well.  Leading the way were Wally Wallace, Mark Forster and Rich Reynolds, who each had 6 hits. Mark and Wally made some great defensive plays the outfield, as did Rich at second base, highlighted by his diving catch of a line drive. Bill Laird showed that power is not the only thing that matters at the plate, as he made two short infield hits, the first one went half way up the third base line and the other one occurred in the ninth inning and actually stopped on the third base line a few feet from home!  Jack Schwarzel pitched fine game as the fill-in pitcher for PPB. Our thanks to T-Bone and Al Cabacungan for excellent umpiring.

That Pizza Place 19  Nucci's 18.

 A close game? You betcha! The lead changed 9 times in the first 8 innings, but despite all these changes, going into the 9th the score was tied at 18. Nucci's got their lead-off batter on in the top of the 9th, and with 1 out Karen Smith hit a long drive over the left fielder's head that looked like at least a triple. But somehow Marlon Moore raced over from his LCF spot and caught the ball. TPP got the last out then came to bat in the bottom of the 9th. Marlon led off with a single that he stretched into a double, and then scored the winning run easily on Gene LaChimia's sharp single. For Nucci's, Rick Barton was 3/4 with two homers. TPP's hitting was led by Gene, who had 4 hits and a homer, 4 for 4 hitting from Johnny Brand and Barry Anderson (including a homer), and 3 hits each from Marllon, Bruce Meyer, Mike Weinreich, Steve Newberg (including a homer), Pete Zavala, and Bob Peters. Many thanks to Jim Giovinazo for excellent umpiring.Thursday, March 21


Carlsbad Inn vs Solana Spa - Canceled

Village Pie Shop vs The Draft - Canceled






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