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North County Senior Softball


Picture of Bob Baptista pitching to a Painted Lady Butterfly while Don Agostino looks on at first.

Also, Jon Quinn at bat (hit a single) and Greg Lorton on deck.  

Pictures courtesy of Steve Wagner

Tuesday, March 12

Draft vs That Pizza Place
       Cancelled due to rain (Calavera)

Cultura 23   Plotkin Group 17
      The game between Cultura and the Plotkin Group at Alga 3 was very close most of the way, with CT leading 18-17 after eight innings. However, in the top of the 9th, the lower half of the CT batting order started a rally, and the team scored five runs to take the lead 23-17. That was also the final score, as CT closed out the game with a strong defense with shortstop Randy Benge participating in a double play and then making a great running catch. CT had a tremendous day at plate, led by Bob Porter, who went 5 for 5, hit for the cycle and had 4 RBIs. Andy Steensma also went 5 for 5, Gary McBride went 4 for 5 with 5 RBIs and Brian Turner went 4 for 5 with a home run and 4 RBIs. Gary Linden played an excellent game at second base today, scooping up grounders and then making a leaping catch of a line drive. PG had strong hitting from Rick Shaw, Scott Koopsen, Bill Garner and Marty Topper, who all went 4 for 4. Dave Frantz and Dick Wood both homered, with Dick’s homer coming after he had injured a finger on defense earlier in the game. Thanks to Gene LaChimia for a fine job as umpire.

 Pizza Port 22    Carlsbad Inn 15
         A first!!! The game was played in the middle of a Painted Lady Butterfly swarm. A billion of these small butterflies are migrating from Mexico to Oregon between 20 and 25 MPH. Evie Schwartz caught 3 butterflies and 6 ground balls and didn't even use her "butterfly net". Dave Tansey, just getting off the DL, was hit in the face during batting practice, but "manned up" and had a solid game. Bill Laird, challenging Ricky Henderson for the greatest leadoff hitter, started 3 scoring innings by getting on base. Bob Fell made a Willy Mays 1954 over the head grab, only he was playing 1B. Jack Schwartzel made a dandy running catch. Hitting stars for PP were, Wally Wallace 5-5 with an HR, Rich Reynolds 5 - 5 (he's hitting .1000 for the month of March!!) and Rich Keefer 4 hits. Skip Moyer added a HR. For Carlsbad, Bob Blakely and Vern Blough were 4 - 4, Vern with a pair of HRs. Donna Englemann had two key hits, also. Thanks to Rony Lewis and Tony Sando, for umpiring. A sad note for PP, we lost our "little spark plug", Michiko Rubio", who tore a tendon, and is out for the season. I know everyone is going to miss her, as she always brought enough "goodies', to share with the opposite team:-)

Village Pie Shop 18  Gaspar 11
           It looked like a slugfest in the first inning when Gaspar strung together 7 solid hits to take a 4-0 lead.  VPS duplicated that with 7 solid hits of their own to tie the score.  In the third Gaspar put another 4 on the board with Mike Maltinsky leading the way with a 4/4 day.  VPS again rallied with Kevin McBarron 5/5 hitting a HR, and Sheree Atkinsons sac fly pulling them to within 8-7.  Then the bats slowed down. With VPS Pablo Shook firing strikes and Gaspar’s infield throwing out runner after runner, runs became scarce.  But VPS kept chipping away with runs in each inning to open up the lead.  Al Cabacungan had a 4/5 2 HR day and his 6th RBI of the game in the 8th pushed the lead to 18-9.  With Atkinson, Jesse Jackson, and Kevin Armentano making fantastic defensive plays and the corner outfielders of Joe Maher and Greg Newman catching everything hit to them, the Piesters were able to close it out for the win.  Thanks to Gaspar for lending shorthanded VPS a catcher and T-Bone for umping.

Solana Spa / Nucci’s –  bye ​​​​

Thursday, March 14

The Draft 22, Cultura 18
         Battered by injuries and travel schedules, and further exacerbated by a pair of MIAs, The Draft stumbled onto the butterfly-infested field at Pine Avenue Park against Cultura on Thursday.  With The Draft’s pre-game lineup in mild disarray, Greg Lorton received a battlefield promotion to pitcher.  In his league pitching debut (and first time pitching in 23 years), he got off to a rocky start, walking two batters and giving up five runs in the first inning.  However, The Draft’s first seven batters all got hits and tied the game at five in the bottom of the first.  Greg’s efforts improved to merely bumpy, and he avoided walks for the rest of the game and managed three or four strikeouts/foul-outs.  The game remained close through seven and a half with neither team leading by more than three.  Leading by one going into the bottom of the eighth, The Draft scored five, taking a six-run lead into the ninth.  Cultura continued their strong hitting in the ninth, but unfortunately for them, three hits were right at people, and they only scored twice to close out the game. For Cultura, Gary McBride and Bob Porter both went four for four with a homer each.  Brian Turner went three for three.  The Draft had its best game of the season at the plate, with Ken Regnier going five for five.  Marty Fenlon, on loan from the Plotkin Group, went five for six, as did Bill Kutzner.  Jon Quinn was four for four plus a sacrifice fly.  Roney Lewis and Robert Kretsky both hit home runs.  Thanks to Marty for his exemplary service at bat and second base.  And The Draft owes a debt of gratitude to Cultura for loaning a catcher and a right fielder.

Carlsbad Inn 22   That Pizza Place 20
       Today's game had everything: arctic blasts, a butterfly attack and Marlon Moore flying high above Calavera, a big red S on his chest and his cape streaming in the wind.  The Krypton Crusader hit for the cycle plus a triple, and he still thought he could have played better.  Jerry Chamberlin played second base to perfection, so Vern Blough blasted his hand with a scud missile to make him pay for it.  The game was up for grabs going into the ninth when Carlsbad Inn outscored That Pizza Place 7 to 4 for the win.  CBI hitters with all hits were Dennis Rayford and Mitch Anderson, with Bob Blakely and Ray Kusmer close.  It was a good day for Barry Anderson as no one slammed a line drive into his anatomy (when this happens, Barry immediately repairs to the dugout, sits alone and recites his mantra "Thou shalt not kill ...  Thou shalt not kill ...).  TPP deserves a better fate.  Their players top to bottom are awesome.

Gaspar 23   Solana Spa 11
     On a perfect day for softball, Gaspar showed up to play one of their best games. In the first inning, Gaspar score 5 runs, two of which were home runs by Mike Maltinsky and Gary Soper. Gaspar held a comfortable lead till the end. Gaspar's batting was outstanding with eight players going 3 for 3: John Cellini, Mike Maltinsky, Gary Soper, Ernie Martinez, Max Isbell, Lou Chartz (who also hit a home run in the sixth), Mike Endeman, and Jack Million. Pitchers Russ Roopenian and Jimmie Martin lead a solid defense that held Solano Spa to eleven runs. Rick Shaw did his usual professional umpiring.

Pizza Port 24 Nucci's 9
      It could be called UnDavid vs. Goliath. Nuccis, missing two of their best players, David Ash and David Koch, were no match for a surging Pizza Port team. PP offense was led by, Wally Wallace 5 -5, Eddie Gillette 4 - 4, Skip Moyer 4 - 5 and Rich Reynolds 4 - 5. Rich's out, was his first in 26 AB's. He had hit in 25 straight AB's. Home Runs were contributed by Mark Forster, Jack Schwarzel and Bob Fell. Evie Schwartz once again "flitting" with the butterflies, took time out, to make two outstanding catches. Wally threw out another runner, but of course we've come to expect that. Thanks to Pablo Shook and Jeff Gorman, who filled in. Pablo twirled his magic, and Jeff was 4 - 4. Leigh (Honey) Peterson had a great defensive game for Nuccis. Unfortunately, most of his plays came when was filling in for a short handed Pizza Port team. Poor guy, was looking to hide in Pizza Ports dugout. LOL. Thanks to Al Cabacungan, for an excellent officiating job.

Plotkin Group  /  Village Pie Shop - bye

Week 10



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