1.1 The name of this organization is the North County Senior Softball Recreational League.

1.2 The purpose of the League is to provide an opportunity for anyone 55 years or older to play recreational softball. It does not discriminate because of race, religion, or gender. It is a not for profit organization.


2.1 Eligibility. Players will be eligible to become members of this League the calendar year of their 55th birthday. Players may be asked to present official documents to verify eligibility. 

2.2 Player Definitions. All players, except players off for more than a calendar year (January through December), are considered active.

a. New Players (NPs). NPs are players joining the league after the annual draft. Prior to team assignments, all prospective members of the League shall complete and sign a membership form, Code of Conduct (COC) and liability waiver form to be filed with the Board of Commissioners (BOC). Assignments are not based upon a player’s geographic location or preference. Players cannot refuse team assignments, but may request a trade. See below for details.

       a.1. Assignment of new players (mid-season) will be permanent; no temporary assignments and no player refusals by managers will be allowed.

        a.2. Assignment of new players will be more structured with specific dates of assignment.  Players not rated by the assignment date will be required to wait for the next assignment period.  The assignments will take place to correspond to the monthly manager meetings.  The BOC will be responsible for identifying the specific dates of assignments and meetings.

b. Regular/Draft are those players included in the previous season’s draft. Any player who leaves, whether for Disabled List (DL) or personal reasons, shall be returned to their drafted team.

            b.1. A player placed on Inactive, will not be eligible to return during the current season.  It will be up to the manager and the affected player to determine if that player will be placed on Inactive.

            b.2. The designation of DL or Inactive status will be provided to the BOC prior to the time designated for making player assignments at a time identified by the BOC.

c. Disabled Players (DL) are players who are temporarily unable to play for the current season and will be placed on the Disabled List. These players shall be returned to their previous teams.

            c.1. A player placed on DL will not be eligible to play for 3 weeks following the date of the player assignment.  It will be up to the manager and the affected player to determine if that player will be placed on DL.

            c.2. The designation of DL or Inactive status will be provided to the BOC prior to the time designated for making player assignments at a time identified by the BOC.

2.2a. Number of Active Players is defined as the total roster size less 1 for each Inactive player and 1 for every 2 to 3 players on DL. To further clarify, 1 player on DL has no effect on Active Players, 4 or 5 on DL would reduce Active Players by 2, 6 or 7 on DL would reduce Active Players by 3, and so on.

d. Players who have been off more than a calendar year will return the following calendar year return as NPs.

2.3 Team Assignment Factors. The BOC will assign NPs per managers guidelines. 

- Player shortages 
- Replacements for departing players 
- Team season wins/losses record

a. New Players (NPs) will be rated by the Commissioners, Managers and any other designated players present at the Monday pick-up games.  A NP must attend a minimum of three pickup games, have an agreed rating established, paperwork complete and preferences noted (i.e. full-time, part-time, coastal, etc.) before being assigned.

During their assessment period, new players must be able to demonstrate their ability to run from home upon batting a ball.

b. All New Players will be assigned by the Commissioners.  Assignments will be made with the goal to provide competitive balance among teams considering talent, numbers, or both.

2.4 Team assignments. Players will be assigned teams as follows:

a. The league holds a semi-annual draft of all active players. The draft is normally held at the end of each season and assignments become effective the start of each new season. 

b. From time-to-time player trades may occur. Players may request a trade from their manager once a year. The manager will attempt a suitable trade, if possible. If a trade is found, both players and managers must agree; the BOC will then be notified. The BOC has final approval to ensure an equitable trade. If no trade can be found, the player shall remain on the current team until a trade can be found. Commissioners may trade NPs without manager’s approval. 

2.5 Semi-Annual Draft. The league holds a draft for team assignments. The team assignments are effective for one season (Jan-Jun or Jul-Dec). A Draft Committee shall develop draft procedures each year, draft forms, etc. The Draft Procedures shall be approved by the managers and BOC. Draft Committee formation should take place in April and October each year, so that procedures can be approved and the actual draft performed in June and December each year. The Draft Committee conducts the Draft. Team assignments are for the following season.  

2.6 Dues. Teams are required to pay dues each season to the League to cover field rental fees, League insurance, and other costs incurred. 


3.1 Administrative duties (day-to-day duties) for the league shall be vested in the BOC consisting of three members elected by popular vote of the membership. A Chair will be selected by the Commissioners to serve for a period of one year. The duly appointed Chair of Commissioners shall assign the principal collateral duties of Vice Chairman and Secretary to the other remaining Commissioners. 

3.2 The BOC shall be responsible for carrying out the following list of duties, responsibilities and other such duties as may be required. The BOC may appoint league members to assist in effectively carrying out the duties and responsibilities.

a. Set dues for each team each season necessary to meet league expenses. Appoint a Treasurer to collect all monies owed the League, pay all obligations incurred by the League and report monthly on the status of League finances. 

b. Assign NP using managers guidelines. 

c. Maintain and report regularly/semi-weekly on League standings.

d. Solicit new players.

e. Develop and maintain local league rules, issue written interpretations to ASA and make such exceptions to Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules as deemed appropriate for the safety and enjoyment of play. See attached League Rules. 

f. Develop and maintain a Code of Conduct (COC). Maintain a copy of all players signed forms.

g. Take disciplinary action as described herein for any violation of the By-laws or COC.

h. Secure playing fields in various North County cities for the conduct of League games. Ensure that all fees are paid promptly and city use requirements are adhered to by League members to maintain effective relationships with our host cities. 

i. Provide liability insurance for the League sufficient to meet the applicable cities requirements.

j. Develop and maintain the League Master Roster of all teams, players, DLs players. Maintain a current list of all players, and their essential contact information.

k. Appoint/solicit players to various committees as needed.

l. Keep accurate records of the proceedings of all meetings of the BOC and managers.

m. Hold elections of Commissioners.

n. Conduct monthly meetings.

3.3 Election of Commissioners: 

a. Eligibility. In order to be eligible to be elected to the BOC, a player must have no history of disciplinary action taken against him/her in the two year period preceding the date of the election; and be in an active status. 

b. Candidates: A candidate may qualify for election to the BOC by submitting a nominating petition to the BOC at least 30 days prior to the date of election. To be valid, the petition shall contain the printed names and signature of at least 10 current members of the League. No commissioner shall manage a league team.

c. Elections. The election shall be held during the months of April and October. Elections shall be by secret ballot. When there is only one candidate, the BOC and managers may vote to waive the secret ballot requirement and determine the method to elect one candidate. Ballots will be counted and results announced at the next regular meeting of BOC and managers.

d. Terms. Commissioners shall be elected to serve an 18 month term.  Elections shall occur every 6 months, resulting in overlapping terms in order to provide continued experience.  One commissioner shall be elected mid-year with the term of office commencing on June 1.  One commissioner shall be elected at the end of the year with the term commencing December 1. 

3.4 Commissioner Vacancy. If a commissioner cannot or will not complete his elected term, a simple majority vote of the BOC and managers will decide whether to replace him/her for the remainder of their term. The BOC will solicit candidates, if it is determined to fill the vacancy. The proposed candidate will be approved by a simple majority of BOC and managers. 

3.5 Removal of Commissioners. A commissioner may be removed from office for violation of COC, and/or failure to perform their duties, by a two-thirds vote of a panel consisting of managers and non-involved commissioners.


4.1 The BOC shall ensure that the following committees are formed, and meet in a timely manner. A Commissioner may be a committee member, but not chair of a committee.

a. Draft Committee – shall be formed each year to develop draft procedures, applicable forms, provide ratings to managers, etc. The Rating Committee will provide the Draft Committee current ratings of players. 

b. Rating Committee – duties are:

- shall develop rating procedures for the current year. 

- collects data from managers on their players

- provide spreadsheet with name, ratings, and positions to Draft Committee, managers and Commissioners. 

- coordinate rating of NPs based on the same rating criteria used for the current draft year

c. Rules/By-Laws Committee – this committee will review and recommend proposed changes to the league playing rules and By-Laws. Proposed changes to league rules will be forwarded to the Rules Committee for consideration and recommendations. Rule changes will be approved by the BOC and managers. 

d. League Expansion/Management Committee – this committee shall develop a long range expansion plan for the league. Factors to be considered are:

- identify maximum number of teams
- identify available fields
- identify maximum number of players per team.
- establish NPs assignments intervals, i.e. monthly, seasonal, etc.
- review schedules
- review need for divisions
- best time to add new team, i.e. beginning of season, annual, etc.
- review need for waiting list
- present plan to managers and BOC for approval.

4.2 Managers duties. Team managers shall attend managers meetings, provide active player ratings annually per the Player Rating Guidelines to the Rating committee, disseminate information to their players, collect monies, ensure adequate field equipment is available, etc.

a. Assignment of Managers. Manager vacancies for an existing team shall be solicited first from within the team. Volunteers from within the team shall be approved by the team. If no team player volunteers, the BOC shall solicit volunteers from the active players in the league. When a new team is formed, the BOC shall solicit volunteers from the active players in the league. The BOC and managers shall approve/appoint new team managers.

b. Removal of Manager. Failure to carry out managerial duties may result in removal by BOC and managers.


5.1 Board meetings shall be conducted once a month with the BOC and team managers. A quorum shall consist of two Commissioners and fifty percent of managers. No business shall be conducted in the absence of a quorum. The Commissioners shall call a managers’ meeting, if at least, three team managers request a meeting. The BOC Chair shall notify all involved parties within ten days prior to such meeting. If less than three team managers and/or players requests a meeting of the BOC, an “expedited review” meeting of Commissioners may be called and involved parties given five days notice. 

5.2 Voting authority is vested in the managers and the BOC. All decisions will be made by a simple majority of votes by the BOC and managers. Tie votes shall be decided by the Commissioners. Board meetings shall be governed by the procedures set forth in Roberts’ Rules of Order. 

5.3 Absence of Commissioners. For parliamentary purposes only, the Commissioners shall be ranked Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. In the absence of the Chair, the next ranked available Commissioner shall temporarily chair meetings of the Commissioners and Managers. The Chair shall serve for a period of one year.


6.1 Violations of this document’s intent will not be tolerated and will be categorized as either:

a. Minor: Any member while on the field, in the dugout, or in the immediate area of the playing field that uses profanity or abusive language toward another member, or who otherwise violates the COC shall be subject to a warning. The umpire or either team manager shall have the authority to issue such a warning. It is the manager’s responsibility to warn a player(s) that persistent or escalated behavior will result in a written report. Note: any player has the right to file an incident report.

b. Major: Continued violations of the COC or instances that escalate to violent arguments, physical contact or gross unsportsmanlike conduct, may be subject to suspension by the BOC. Any member, who regularly violates the rules and regulations or is so disruptive as to embarrass the league or its officers and continues to be confrontational, may be expelled from the league.

6.2 Written notices:

a. Any written report presented to the BOC concerning a violation/incident must be made available to the player(s) involved.

b. Reports and notices shall cause a review by the BOC and/or Ad Hoc committee. The BOC shall ensure explanations and witnesses, as necessary, to evaluate the incident. The involved player(s) shall be given the opportunity to give a statement or provide witnesses to the Ad Hoc Committee. 

6.3 Non-Compliance Ad Hoc Committee.

a. The BOC, after initial review of the incident report, may elect to appoint an Ad Hoc (single purpose) committee, to review the incident and report back to the BOC with their findings and recommendations. All decisions will be made by the BOC, not the Ad Hoc Committee.

b. The BOC will select three non-involved player/umpire for the Ad Hoc Committee. 

6.4 Penalties.

a. All written documentation will be dated. The duration of the penalty must have a starting and ending effective date. All involved parties shall be provided copies of the decision. The BOC shall keep a record of all decisions. After two years, a player’s record will be cleared.

b. Offenses to the COC may require that a person(s) be placed on probation for a specific period of time.

c. The extent of action required may range from suspension to expulsion from the league. 

6.5 Suspension of Managers: It is the manager’s responsibility to warn his/her player when someone lodges a complaint regarding a player’s behavior. A manager may be suspended for not attempting to report unruly conduct (following review by the BOC, assisted by the Ad Hoc Committee if deemed necessary.)

6.6 Appeals. Any affected member of the league may appeal to the BOC within one week of the dated BOC decision. 


7.1 Proposals for amendments to these by-laws may be submitted in writing to the BOC by any member of the league. The Commissioners shall forward proposals to the Rules Committee for their review and recommendations. The proposed by-laws amendments shall be sent, in writing, to all Commissioners and team managers at least ten days in advance of a meeting at which they will be considered.

7.2 Proposed amendments shall require a majority vote of the Commissioners and team managers in order to be ratified.

7.3 Amendments to the By-Laws shall become effective immediately upon their being adopted.

To Download a copy of the By-Laws, click here: By Laws




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